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Automatic Lubrication Systems

Automatic Lubrication Systems
DuoMax 160

Robust, double-point lubrication unit for the long term lubrication of electric motors.


Compact and versatile lubrication system for multiple point lubrication.

EasyMatic HD

Lubrication system for the reliable lubrication of main bearing, yaw bearing and yaw drive in wind turbines.


Gear lubricator for optimum gear teeth lubrication.

MicroMax 120

Electro-mechanical lubricator for the automatic lubrication of roller bearings, ball screws and linear guides.

QuattroMax 30

Automatic long term lubrication solution for high speed spindle bearings.

SixMax 130

Long term solution for a maintenance-free lubrication of linear guides and ball screws.

SL 100

Easy to use lubricator for the accurate lubrication of railway switches.

TLB 2000 and VRDS

Optimum lubrication of chain pins, bushings, links and conveyors.