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Rubber Belts

Rubber Belts
Isoran Synchronous belts

Product Description:

  • Synchronous transmission
  • High and constant angular speeds
  • High efficiency
  • Resistance to peak high loads
  • Low noise transmission
  • No lubrication
  • No maintenance
  • Linear speed up to 30 m/s


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Megaflat Rubber

Product Description:

Megaflat belts are particularly suitable for both power transmission and conveying.

  • Additional colours on demand
  • Additional dimensions on demand
  • Increase of thickness by about 0,3 - 0,5 mm for belts sides
  • Standard sleeves are available 330 mm wide.



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PV Ribbed Belts

Product Description:

PV V-ribbed belts are made of polybutadiene compound.

  • Eliminates belt matching;
  • Permits drive design to meet exact power or space requirements;
  • Distributes the drive load across the entire belt width;
  • Permits cooler running and high drive efficiency;
  • Excels on small pulleys at high speeds;
  • Compact smooth running drive system with low vibration;
  • Linear belt speeds up to 60 m/s are possible;
  • High transmission ratio;
  • Resistance to temperatures from –30 to +80 ºC;
  • Power performance can be improved by increasing the number of ribs;
  • Antistatic properties according to ISO 1813.



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Product Description:

  • Smooth starting and running
  • Wide range of driven speeds, using standard electric motors
  • Low maintenance
  • High efficienct
  • No need for lubrification
  • Extremely wide horsepower rangers
  • Dampen vibration between driver and driven pulleys
  • Silent operations
  • Long service life
  • Easy installation
  • Reduction in drive dimension
  • Working temperature range -30°C to +70°
  • Resistance to oil and heat
  • Antistatic properties



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