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Lubrication Systems

Lubrication Systems
Multi Point Automatic Lubricators TLMP Series

Product Description:

  • Easy to install and program
  • Complete kit
  • Suitable for one to eighteen lubrication points
  • Low-level and malfunction alarms; remote notification possible
  • Machine steering by removing power
  • Available in versions with different voltages
  • Developed for industrial applications, as well as agricultural and off-road vehicles

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Product Descrition:

  • Flexible dispense rate from 1 to 12 months
  • Stoppable or adjustable if required
  • Intrinsic safety rating: ATEX approved for zone 0
  • Transparent lubricant container allows visual inspection of dispense rate
  • Compact size, permits installation in restrictive areas
  • Greases and chain oils available
  • SKF DialSet software helps to calculate the correct dispense rate
  • Extensive range of accessories.

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Product Description:

  • Filled with SKF lubricants especially developed for bearing applications.
  • Temperature independent dispense rate.
  • Maximum discharge pressure of 5 bar over the whole dispensing period.
  • Dispense rate available in various settings.
  • Transparent reservoir allows visual inspection.
  • Red-yellow-green LEDs indicate the lubricator’s status.
  • Refill sets include battery pack.
  • Special battery pack available for cold working conditions.
  • Supplied with support flange for enhanced sturdiness.
  • Suitable for both direct and remote installation.
  • Extensive range of accessories.

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