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Dry Film and Oil Lubrication

Dry Film and Oil Lubrication
Loctite 8001

Product Description:

  • Penetrating mineral oil spray
  • Multi-purpose penetrating oil for micro-mechanisms
  • Penetrates inaccessible mechanisms
  • Lubricates valve seats, collars, chains, hinges and cutting blades

H1 NSF Reg. No.: 122999



Technical Specs
Loctite 8011

Product Description:

  • High-temperature chain oil spray
  • Oxidation resistance prolongs lubricant service life
  • Lubricates open mechanisms, conveyors and chains at elevated temperatures up to 250°C

H2 NSF Reg. No.: 122978



Technical Specs
Loctite 8191

Product Description:

  • MoS2 anti-friction coating – aerosol
  • Quick drying
  • Surface protection against corrosion
  • Enhances the performance of oils and greases



Technical Specs
Loctite 8192

Product Description:

  • PTFE coating
  • For non-metal and metal surfaces
  • Creates sliding surface for free movement
  • Prevents dust/dirt accumulation
  • Protection against corrosion
  • For conveyor belts, slideways and cams

H2 NSF Reg. No.: 122980



Technical Specs