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Power Transmission Products

Power Transmission Products

Features & Benefits:

  • Upon request, SKF technical experts will conduct a survey of belt drives in customer’s plant
  • Data/findings analysis
  • Recommendations for improved efficiency optimisation and longer operating life
  • Correct tension installation data
  • A full analysis of existing drives to ensure the most economical and efficient solutions
  • Drive component and stock rationalization

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Bushings & Hubs

SKF Bushings and hubs are made of high quality steel, with most phosphate coated or blackened for improved corrosion resistance. All SKF Bushings can be easily installed and removed with basic tools, which results in minimal downtime each time they are fitted.

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A well-designed chain drive transmits mechanical power from one shaft to another efficiently. SKF Chains are manufactured in state of the art facilities with tight quality controls.

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SKF offers a wide range of standard and customised coupling products. SKF Couplings cover a wide range of coupling types, sizes and capacity ratings for many applications and factory environments.

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FX Keyless Bushings

SKF FX Keyless Bushings are designed to secure gears, couplings and pulleys to a shaft using mechanical friction rather than using traditional keyways or an interference fit. tandards for precision and quality. SKF FX Keyless Bushings are designed to accurately and effectively mount components to a shaft. These components, which normally require sophisticated broaching or milling techniques to prepare the shaft, can now be mounted with a minimum amount of machining.

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  • Manufactured according to relevant ISO or RMA standards to ensure optimum performance
  • Statically-balanced to G6.3 balancing quality
  • Equipped with taper bushes for quick and accurate installation
  • Phosphate-coated for corrosion resistance

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SKF sprockets come in a wide range of sizes. With a comprehensive selection available, you will never have to worry about finding the perfect sprocket size for your application.

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