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Biodegradable hydraulic and gear oil on a synthetic ester oil base.

Compguard FG Series

Compressor oils based on polyalphaolefines (PAO) and additives with InS/H1 food grade approval. Applicable in reciprocating, rotary vane, screw and ammonia compressors.

Compguard HT Series

Fully synthetic high-temperature compressor oil based on ester oil with additives for application temperatures up to 220 °C. Especially suitable for reciprocating and rotary vane compressors. These oils are non-toxic, have low evaporation and deposit formation and are very resistant to oxidation.

Compguard MT Series

Fully synthetic compressor oils (PAO/ester and additives) for the long-term application at medium/high temperatures. The oils are neutral towards elastomers, have a low evaporation rate and protect reliably against wear and corrosion. They are suitable for reciprocating, rotary vane and screw compressors.

Compguard PEB Series

Oxidation resistant compressor oils (polyglycol/ester) with low evaporation loss. They prevent specifically thermal decomposition and deposits in rotary vane compressors. Not miscible with mineral or PAO oils.

Rapid FG 15 - 400 ml Aerosol

H1-certified penetrating oil, which deeply penetrates, cleans and loosens rusted parts. The multi-purpose synthetic oil leaves a durable lubricating film and provides effective corrosion protection.

Terrasol SWA Series

Solids-containing, biodegradable lubricants for the treatment of switch blades and actuators in the railway industry. Even after prolonged usage, the specially chosen solid lubricants do not leave any residues but provide optimum surface wetting. In case of long lubricating intervals, emergency running behaviour will provide sufficient lubrication and will protect reliably against wear.

Turmofluid Bio Series

Biodegradable gear and hydraulic oils based on synthetic ester oils, with good low-temperature behaviour and low coefficient of friction thereby reducing energy consumption.

Turmofluid GV Series

Fully synthetic, multi-purpose oils for the long-term lubrication of gears, hydraulics, bearings and chains in a wide temperature range -40 °C up to 180 °C. Generally good elastomer and plastic compatibility.

Turmofluid HLP Series

Aging-resistant hydraulic oils based on mineral oils, with superior corrosion and wear protection even under extreme loads.

Turmofluid LMI Series

Multi-purpose oils that are neutral in odour and taste, suitable for the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. These fluids provide excellent lubrication and friction reduction.

Turmofluid OM Series

Premium high-temperature oils. Fully synthetic lubricants formulated with PAO/ester oils and special additives for extreme operating conditions in temperatures up to approx. 250 °C, non-toxic and miscible with mineral oils. Recommended for the lubrication of double belt presses, film stretching machines, timing and conveyor chains, slide rails in lacquer drying furnaces in the automotive sector or the mechanical engineering sector as well as bearings and gears at medium loads and extremely high temperatures.

Turmofluid Series B

Thermally stable chain oils for the use in high and low temperature applications. These extremely adherent and aging-resistant special fluids are based on ester oil, show superior corrosion protection and withstand harsh environments.

Turmofluid VAC Series

High performance oils, available in various ISO-VG classes, containing mainly highly refined hydrocarbons for the lubrication of vacuum pumps in low and medium vacuum applications up to 5 x 10-3 bis 10-5 mbar.

Turmogearoil PE Series

Synthetic, multiple-alloy gear oils on ester oil base with high thermal stability as well as good wear and corrosion protection. They are suitable for the lubrication of high temperature gears, slide ways and chains in fusing and drying machines as well as bearings in paper and plastic calenders.

Turmopoloil Series

Synthetic high-performance oils based on polyglycol for gears subject to high loads. They show a very high load carrying capacity and excellent temperature stability thus enabling extended oil change intervals.

Turmosynth VG Series

Gear, hydraulic and chain oils with NSF/H1 food grade certification, based on high-purity hydrocarbons for high pressure applications, suitable for a wide temperature range. Also used for the lubrication of bearings, lifters and joints in the food and packaging industry.

Turmosynthoil GV Series

Fully synthetic, NSF/H1 approved gear and vacuum pump oil with high oxidation resistance across a wide temperature range. Also suitable for the long-term lubrication of chains and spindles.

Turmosynthoil HTC Series

Solid-free product range of high-temperature chain oils with InS/H1 food grade approval for the lubrication of conveyor chains. These products minimise lubricant consumption on conveyor chains in high-temperature ovens and dryers and prevent carbonised deposits as well as heavy smoke formations, even at high temperatures.

Turmosynthoil PG Series

Synthetic high performance gear oils based on polyglycols with NSF/H1 food grade approval for extended oil change intervals and higher wear protection even at high loads. These oils have a low coefficient of friction and show excellent temperature stability.

Turmosynthoil SKE Series

Synthetic high temperature chain oil (PAO/ester) with NSF/H1 food grade approval. These oils contain specially selected EP-additives which show a high load carrying capacity and therefore offer optimum protection against wear. They are extremely aging-resistant.

Turmotempoil 400 Series

Synthetic high-performance lubricants with a PFPE-base and NSF/H1 food grade approval. The pressure and chemical resistant vacuum pump oils feature excellent lubricating properties at high temperatures and enable long lubrication intervals.

Turmotempoil VG Series

Chemically and thermally stable polymers with a low evaporation rate, high pressure and oxidation stability as well as good material compatibility towards elastomers and metals for the use in oxygen and vacuum applications.

Turmotexoil LP Series

Special oils for the textile industry, semi-synthetic and mineral oil based, for the lubrication of knitting and sewing machines including needles, sinkers, cams, needle and sinker cylinders as well as spinning rings.

Turmotherm Series

Heat transfer oils – also suited for the food industry – fully synthetic or mineral oil based. These oils feature excellent temperature stability and show good material compatibility towards elastomers and metals.

Turmowoodoil Series

Thermally stable, adherent, synthetic oils for the preservation and lubrication of steel belts and carpet chains as well as bending and chain rods in double belt presses. They feature low evaporation loss and form a corrosion and wear protecting lubricating film for reliable lubrication at high temperatures.