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Axial Clamp Seals

SKF axial clamp seals are designed for large and very large shaft diameters. They are suitable for use as primary seals or as secondary seals in applications where the primary seals are subjected to excessive solid or fluid contaminants.

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Cassette Seals

The design of SKF Mudblock cassette seals has been optimized to provide excellent retention of either grease or oil and maximum protection against liquid or solid contaminants. The seals are made to order to meet the demands of each specific application.


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Metal Face Seals

SKF metal face seals type HDDF are designed for use under severe service conditions at relatively low circumferential speeds. They offer reliable protection against solid and liquid contaminants as well as leak-proof retention of lubricants.

For more info, kindly visit: http://www.skf.com/mena/products/seals/industrial-seals/power-transmission-seals/metal-face-seals/index.html


Radical Shaft Seals

Some radial shaft seal designs have an auxiliary lip that protects the primary sealing lip from dust and other contaminants. A suitable lubricant in the space between the primary sealing lip and the auxiliary lip can reduce wear and delay corrosion.


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Track pin Seals

The SKF track pin seals, SKF Trackstar, are specifically designed for oil lubricated track chains in off-highway applications. The seals are installed on the pin that connects a pair of links in the chain.


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V-ring Seals

V-ring seals are axial shaft seals, available in a wide range of sizes and appropriate for many applications.


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Wear Sleeves

SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE is a well-proven solution to overcome problems with worn shafts without having to disassemble the shaft or changing the seal dimensions, while offering an excellent sealing surface.



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