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Thermoplex ALN Series

Synthetic special greases based on synthetic hydrocarbons and ester oils with aluminium complex soap. They show a high load carrying capacity, good wear protection and are especially suitable in high-temperature applications.

Thermoplex LME Series

High-load, high-speed and high-temperature greases based on perfluorinated polyether and ester oils with lithium special soap thickener for low speeds in conjunction with high mechanical and thermal loads.

Thermoplex TTF Series

Low-temperature lubricants based on synthetic ester oils and inorganic thickeners with good load carrying capabilities and good corrosion protection for low frictional torque even at high speeds.

Turmogeargrease Series

Semifluids and low-viscosity greases based on mineral and synthetic oils for the lubrication of special gear boxes and gear motors.

Turmogrease CAN Series

Water-resistant, high-load lubricants based on mineral oils with calcium soap thickener for the long-term and long-life lubrication of roller and journal bearings.

Turmogrease Highspeed Series

High-speed greases for high-speed bearings, based on polyalphaolefin (PAO)/ester oils and lithium special soap, with optimum surface adhesion for low frictional torque and low starting resistance.

Turmogrease Hitemp Series

Silicone free, fully synthetic high-temperature grease based on polyphenylether and ester oils with special additives for high mechanical and thermal load requirements.

Turmogrease Li Series

Long-term, high-load lithium soap greases with excellent corrosion and ageing protection for use across a wide temperature range.

Turmogrease N Series

Synthetic greases for long-term and long-life lubrication in various industrial applications. The ester base oils thickened with polyurea are formulated to feature good water and media resistance.

Turmogrease NBI 300 BP

High-temperature, perfluorinated polyether and ester oil based grease combined with polyurea for the lubrication of bearings in humid operating conditions. It has excellent corrosion protection and is suitable across a wide temperature range from -40 °C up to 200 °C.

Turmogrease NM Series

Mineral oil based multi-purpose greases, suitable for various lubrication points in industrial manufacturing. They show an extremely high load carrying capacity and offer high protection against wear.

Turmogrease PU Series

Fully synthetic long-term greases based on ester oils, with good corrosion and wear protection for medium and high bearing speeds.

Turmoplex Series

Mineral oil based multi-purpose greases for the lubrication of all roller and journal bearing types, gears as well as slide and guideways at operating temperatures from -30 °C up to 120 °C.

Turmosynthgrease AL Series

Multi-purpose greases based on food grade oils and aluminium special soap, suitable for all guideways, sliding components as well as bearings. The adherent greases have a wide temperature range and are thus suitable and approved for the application in food processing.


The fully synthetic grease contains special additives to prevent microbial growth within the grease. It is resistant to oxidation and can be applied at all processes requiring a high level of cleanlines and for which growth of pathogenic germs and microbial contamination is a risk.

Turmosynthgrease ALN Series

Temperature and oxidation-stabile, synthetic special greases containing polyalphaolefin (PAO) and aluminium complex soap for the lubrication of roller and journal bearings at low and medium speeds. They show high lubricity with a low coefficient of friction and good protection against corrosion and wear.

Turmosynthgrease CSX 1002

The superior structure of the calcium sulphonate complex grease provides excellent mechanical stability. Thus, the grease is able to show high performance under extreme operating conditions. Especially under constant exposure to water, the grease is neither washed out nor changing its consistency. Turmosynthgrease CSX 1002 is especially suitable for applications at slow and medium speed, as well as for oscillating movements. The H1 certified grease shows excellent performance under high loads, shock loads, is resistant to oxidation and shows high thermal stability

Turmosynthgrease CSX 4602

Thickened with a calcium sulphonate complex, TURMOSYNTHGREASE CSX 4602 provides excellent mechanical stability. Turmosynthgrease CSX 4602, therefore, performs very well even under extreme operating conditions. Moreover, it does not wash out or change its consistency, even being constantly exposed to water. The grease can be used for applications with a speed factor of up to 450 000 mm/min (n x dm) as well as for oscillating movements. The H1-certified special grease performs very well at high loads, is resistant to oxidation and shows high thermal stability.

Turmosynthgrease LT 300

Low temperature grease with very good wear protection, high carrying capacity, high metal affinity and long service life at negative temperatures to -54 °C

Turmosynthgrease W Series

Extremely water and media resistant multi-purpose greases containing white oil and calcium soap with excellent wear protection for the lubrication of roller and journal bearings, joints and guideways.

Turmotemp II/400 CL Series

High-temperature greases with high thermal stability and optimum wear protection. They are extremely media-resistant and formulated for the application in the nuclear and vacuum industry.

Turmotemp II/400 Series

High-temperature greases with high thermal stability and optimum wear protection. They are extremely media-resistant and mainly suited in bearings and conveyor rollers operating at high temperatures.

Turmotemp LP Series

Unique greases based on perfluorinated polyethers (PFPE) with lithium special soap for superior corrosion and wear protection. They are suitable especially for the long-term lubrication of bearings in the paper and corrugated industry.

Turmotemp N Series

The perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) based greases with polyurea thickeners are formulated for extreme operating conditions and show very good pressure, vacuum, radiation and media-resistance. They are suitable and recommended for the lubrication of large bearings such as cylinder bearings, spherical and tapered roller bearings as well as angular contact ball bearings.

Turmoxygen Series

Sliding agents for valves and fittings in the oxygen-fuel technology sector, oxygen lances in steel manufacturing, oxygen apparatuses in the medical sector, diving centres as well as for roller and journal bearings in oxygen applications. These greases are BAM tested and approved.